11view 3.0

11view shows all kings of image files -- jpg, gif, bmp etc.
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11view is an ideal software where all the images in all types of formats – jpg, gif, bmp etc.-- can be viewed. 11view from Stratapoint is a unique image viewer that provides the flexibility of converting pictures without any distortion or disturbance in quality.

In fact, the new software, 11view, has some interesting features, which make it more useful. The loading-time interpolation feature of this software makes it possible to maintain the same smoothness and clarity of the image when the size has been enlarged to fit into a full screen.

However, the quality of the image is likely to get distorted when enlarged and imbalance in color and brightness is likely to haunt the enlarged view. In addition, no modification is possible in the enlarged image in a typical image viewer.

The shortcomings caused by the monitor while enlarging the image to fit into the full screen such as distortions in brightness and color adjustment are automatically corrected in this new software and the full screen view of the image provides a most realistic view of the original image. Shortcuts can be created and customized to make changes to the image.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Conversion and printing of images with high quality


  • Difficult to use by a novice
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